Rizzi family in greenhouse

Family Owned and Growing

We are a family-owned wholesale grower and supplier of garden-ready plants, flowers and vegetables located in Bayfield, Colorado.

Living and operating on a 7-acre ranch in Bayfield, Colorado, our family is committed to utilizing organic products and sustainable practices to foster healthier plants, gardens and local communities.

The Spring Mountain Growers Story

Spring Mountain Growers began with our purchase of a small boutique growing business in Southwest Colorado in 2014.  Our decision was driven by a goal to get back to our Colorado roots, but we also had a vision and passion for the environment and sustainable growing practices. We wanted to provide the healthiest plants possible to local nurseries and garden centers, only sourcing earth-friendly products and utilizing organic growing methods.

Since then we have learned a great deal about what we can offer our customers and the best organic growing practices for high mountain and high desert climates. As a result both our plants and our business have thrived, expanding our footprint throughout the broader region of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. We may be growing, but our passion and mission remains the same - to provide you with the healthiest, hardiest and most ethically grown containerized plants, flowers and vegetable starts available in Southwest Colorado and beyond! 


Our Promise To You

At Spring Mountain Growers, we are passionate about providing ethically grown, high quality containerized plants to the people and the land that we serve.
We strive to offer a product that brings lasting beauty and joy to our customers’ gardens and planted spaces, as well as aligns with the needs and values of our partners.
As a grower committed to organic and sustainable practices, we use pesticide-free methods in the care and growth of our plants to offer you a healthier product, and to protect our bee populations and the planet for ours and future generations.
We're here to help you grow!
-Cali Rizzi, Owner - Spring Mountain Growers