We, as a family, are into chickens.  As a project to get our boys, Teal and Cole involved, we bought 60.  One turned out to be a beautiful rooster we named Vato.   

They are fed organic feed.  We created a HUGE enclosure for them and re-fabed a retro horse trailer as a coop that is lit in winter. 

Predators are an issue.  For that, we have Breen, our beautiful, Komondor/Great Pyrenees/Anatolian livestock guardian dog.  She is now fully trained to protect both boys and chickens.  In addition, we have a full Komondor, Ajax.  He is a great asset to maintain safety.  

We want to provide you with the best eggs you've ever tasted while knowing they are raised organically and ethically.  

As a bonus, your purchase supports two young boys gaining grounded experience in tending to animals and financial awareness and management skills.  

So, thank you for buying our eggs and supporting our endeavor.  

Enjoy to Goodness!

The Rizzi Family

Clayton, Cali, Teal and Cole